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                B&S Armature - Replaceable Hands

                Started by SeldomSummer in ARMATURES. Last reply by SeldomSummer 2 hours ago. 4 Replies

                Hey all, first post! ?I’ve done a few 2D paper stopmo projects in the past but am taking the leap into a more refined project. ?I have my B&S armature nearly completed and was just wondering what method is typically used to keep the hand (circled in red) inside the forearm (circled in blue) while still maintaining the easy replaceability when the finger/hand wires inevitably break?I was thinking of drilling a small hole through both square brass tubes and using some fine aluminum wire through the hole to hold it in place (removing the wire to replace the hand when needed). ?Let me know if there is a better/different way! ?Thank youContinue

                Basic green screening with iOS Stop Motion Studio

                Started by Mudchild in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by StopmoNick 5 hours ago. 3 Replies

                hi folksnew to this, I’m assisting my 10yr old daughter in making an animation featuring her Moshi monsters on adventures in space. It’s going great so far, we’re on Act 3 and green screening has come into it to depict the Moshis exploring spaceship interiors which I’ve downloaded. We are putting them on a green card background. It almost works but the quality is not quite there, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about - parts of characters intermittently disappearing, shadows causing problems etc. I’ve fiddled with the sensitivity settings and also the lighting (this is a VERY amateur enterprise) but we’re not there. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just workable for a fun animation. Wondering if there are other tips or approaches we could use to get better results, so any tips or links would be much appreciated!many thanks?MudContinue

                Jamie Caliri, creator of Dragonframe stop motion software shares the story of how he made it and built it to the top stop mo software used by studios today

                Started by Mozen in CHAT BOARD yesterday. 0 Replies

                https://soundcloud.com/animation-podcast/episode-62-stop-motion-director-jamie-caliri-and-how-he-created-dragonframe-with-his-brotherThis episode features Director Jamie Caliri, who shares how he created Dragonframe Stop Motion Software.You’ll also learn:*Insights into Jamie’s career as a music video director*How he and his brother manage to stay ahead of the curve with Dragonframe*His best advice for following your dreamsMore about Jamie:Jamie Caliri is one of the creators of Dragonframe software, the foremost stop motion software on the market. He is also a multiple award-winning director, winning an Emmy, and three Annies for his work in music videos and commercials.*Check out Jamie's work on Vimeo:?vimeo.com/jamiecaliri*Check out Dragonframe Stop Motion Software:?www.dragonframe.com/I hope you enjoy!Continue

                I Barnabe

                Started by Greyguy in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT yesterday. 0 Replies

                if you want to see a clip of the film I made the mechs for the Barnabe puppet in??Jean-Fran?ois Lévesque film click the linkLooks Beautiful !https://www.lequotidien.com/arts/deux-films-de-lonf-en-competition-a-annecy-e5b3743fe9de34772f0c29b5695228c4?fbclid=IwAR1oCTWbiM6P9sHUqPW22ajxlcTAA-CkfeWguZsNryD3p9ZVIicZpuUYoi8Continue

                Puppet breathing mechanism

                Started by Gali Blay in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING yesterday. 0 Replies

                Hello everyone,I am making anew puppet. one of the most important parts of it is to have a breathing belly. do you have any recommendations in which direction I should go? should I use a balloon or build a special mechanism? does anyone have experience with it?thank you very much!Gali?Continue

                Dragonframe Adjust Auxiliary Monitor Independently

                Started by Adam Rosenberg in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS yesterday. 0 Replies

                Hello! When working with a 2nd (auxiliary) monitor there are times when I'd like to adjust it independently of the main monitor. For instance can I adjust levels independently on each monitor? Can I zoom in with overlays to help with micro adjustments? Zooming in would be especially helpful. I can zoom in on the main monitor, but not the auxiliary, unless I'm checking focus, at which point my overlays go away.Thanks,AdamContinue

                Tags: adjust, monitor, auxiliary, dragon, dragonframe

                Looking for animator for short song(s).

                Started by Michael Hearst in JOBS & PROJECTS. Last reply by Humaira Shah yesterday. 2 Replies

                Anybody know anybody who might be interested in animating a few super short songs (like 20-40 seconds-ish) that I've been working on to go with a kid's book I've got coming out in the fall. Think School House Rock, but much shorter. Super goofy, fun, and educational. My budget is slim, but I can certainly pay a little something. And, of course, I'm hoping to turn it into something bigger that will pay much more.Continue

                Tags: animator, for, looking

                Animatable eyebrows and beards

                Started by NamNam in HAIR & COSTUME. Last reply by StopmoNick on Wednesday. 4 Replies

                I tried making latex eyebrows and beards with aluminum wire inside them. They can be animated, but latex seems too hard/rough of material for delicate expressions. So I'm looking for alternative materials and possibly, guide or tutorials.Things I don't think it would work or I want to avoid using:Silicone: too expensive for my student budgetMagnets and replacement eyebrows: My puppets are relatively small... especially the head. Having two separate eyebrows with metal pieces in them on such a small forehead space might result in eyebrows keep sticking together by magnetic pull. (It's just my thoughts, I know nothing about science or magnets)Replacement stickers as eyebrows: I know some people can make it look good with stickers but I think I wouldn't be as good.?And I also wanted to know what kind of material was used to build these types of hair. I also want to know how it was built:are these made of wig/doll hair? or some kind of wool?Continue

                Smoothing and Motion Blur

                Started by Dylan Dreher in GENERAL SPECIAL EFFECTS. Last reply by StopmoNick on Wednesday. 1 Reply

                Hello. I am just wondering what is the best and most common way to smooth out animation in post professionally?Aardman's work for example is extremely smooth but I know that the Wallace and Gromit shorts are mostly shot on 2's.Ive tried frame blending and motion blur in after effects as well as using the trial of ReelSmart Motion Blur but I was just wondering are there any other alternative methods used?Thanks.Continue

                Start a new armature

                Started by Greyguy in ARMATURES. Last reply by Greyguy on Tuesday. 28 Replies

                Hi here is a new armature i started for Misha Klienalso a picture of a new small armature compared to and older on i did and a close up of the footContinue

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                SeldomSummer replied to SeldomSummer's discussion B&S Armature - Replaceable Hands
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                2 hours ago
                Adam Taylor replied to SeldomSummer's discussion B&S Armature - Replaceable Hands
                "By making a small dent with a nail in the receiving piece of K&S you can create a nice pressure…"
                3 hours ago
                SeldomSummer replied to SeldomSummer's discussion B&S Armature - Replaceable Hands
                "Golden, I think I’ll go the wire route, unless I can find a rather inconspicuous nut and bolt."
                5 hours ago
                StopmoNick replied to SeldomSummer's discussion B&S Armature - Replaceable Hands
                "I rarely do replaceable hands, but I do interchangeable heads. ?Usually, the neck wire can be…"
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